Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring may not be here but I sure feel better

I finally got around to putting out some of my Easter and Spring decorations. OK they have been on my kitchen counters for weeks and I finally got them put around the house. Like I said it takes me longer and longer to get things done anymore. I found some dark brown candle holders on sale at Hobby Lobby and painted them ivory. Also found the gorgeous green eggs there too and no I'm not going to grubby them up. They have some black bumpy specks all over them so they are great just the way they are. I put them on top of the candle holders and love the look. Then I took a big fruit can and painted it with my paint and spice mixture, added a grubby Easter label, then some pip berry with eggs on it and set two rabbits around it and felt instantly refreshed. Who needs the sun! Next I added some eggs and a pip berry ring to my beautiful bowl that I got from my friend Alison on a trip to North Carolina then put my $1 bunny I found at a thrift store in front of it. Added my rabbit candle holder with a green candle to match the eggs I found at Hobby Lobby and I already feel spring in the air.

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