Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love love the primitive pantry cakes and blackened beeswax candles I just did

I have been obsessed lately with the old jello and candy molds. I made the bunny from my pantry cake recipe (you don't want to know how many I've tried till I found one I liked ) as I'm afraid to try doing wax. I have no idea how to keep it from running out of them as they aren't sealed tight. Anyone have any tips? I would love to try it as I have several old candy molds. I did do the blackened bees wax in the jello molds and LOVE them. Anyone use other waxes? I did try canning wax but so far like the bees wax better. I also rubbed both in spices to give them that perfect primitive look.


  1. hey just found your site love those blackend bees wax things what is the bees wax? never heard of it maybe you could email me instrictions or something thanks

  2. Hi
    I was searching today for directions to do just this! I found two molds at the Thrift store jello for a heart and the other a two piece rabbit that looks very much like your picture! Could you share your recipe or do you sell it??? I was just going to try parrafin as I don't have the bees wax on hand and isn't it pretty expensive??? I have made "cakes" in the past and I think it had coffee grounds in it--will that work?? I so hope you see this and find the time to respond. THANKS, Sandy

  3. I have been looking for directions on making blackened beeswax and can't find a thing! Are you willing to share or is there someone that sells instructions on the process?