Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Primitive Easter Eggs love them

I fell in love with primitives a few years ago and Easter is no exception. I'm not a big fan of the pastels. I prefer things grungy! So after tons of research I finally came up with several ways to prim up all my old eggs. I've dipped several in blackened beeswax then rubbed in spices and I've painted and sanded a few wooden ones. Still working on a few more ideas and will post them if I ever get them finished. The older I get the faster the days go and I don't seem to get as much accomplished anymore. Then there's the fact that I swear I'm getting adult ADD. I just can't seem to stay on one project and end up with 3 or 4 going at once. I'm lucky to ever get one finished. Then I end up with a mess all over the house and boy can it get out of control. I just can't seem to keep my mind on one thing. Anyone else have this problem?


  1. i just found your blog and i luv it.i too have tryed the pantry cakes,but there no where near as cute as yours.the bunnies and eggs are awesome.i look forward to seeing more goodies you create.michelle

  2. Thank you for the kind words Michelle. I haven't been on my blog for months so apologize for not thanking you sooner!