Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dollar Tree eggs redone

I thought I had a picture of the eggs before I redid them but can't find it. Will post it when I run across it but in the mean time here's what I did to re-purpose them I bought the eggs on a stick that were glittered and of course had to make them a bit grubbier. No bling for me. LOL I once again heated up my blackened bees wax and had fun. I started by leaving the sticks in and just dipped them into the wax. When I went to break off the stick I ended up with a big hole and white styrafoam showing. So then I decided to cut them off first and used a piece of medium wire and poked it in the end to dip them. They came out clean as a whistle so there's a tip for you. I threw them in an old bowl with a tag and they are perfect. Had to pose my only bunny I haven't grubbied with them. I'm still debating leaving her alone. For now she's safe. LOL


  1. i luv the eggs.just perfect.are you gonna make more for sale?sounds like you did have loads of fun.god bless michelle

  2. I'm hoping to get more items on my etsy store. I just have been under the weather for months and can't seem to get much accomplished other than making a mess. I'm starting to think I've developed AADD. Adult attention deficit disorder! hehe