Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have to share a few more pantry cakes and bees wax and patience

I found this old wire basket at a thrift store for $1.50 and knew it had to be mine. I went home and started melting my wax and poured it into an old jello mold that looked like an egg. I'm not one for patience and put it in the freezer to rush getting it out and big mistake. It ended up breaking and I had to start all over. So much for patience huh? So while it was hardening I grabbed a carrot I found for a whole .25 and since it wasn't all that great looking I decided to dip it in the wax. Amazing how blackened wax can make almost anything look great. Then I thought maybe that .20 foam egg would work too and wow did I ever love that result. So I thought ok throw in a small pastel egg I had laying there and like I said blackened wax. Isn't it cute! It was taking forever for that wax to harden and like I said having no patience I thought I might as well make another batch of pantry cakes. I got out one of my brown bag cookie molds and made myself a few more bunnies. Once again no patience. I tried to hurry them up and took them out of the oven way too soon and had a few curl on me. So lesson for the day is patience!! One of these days maybe I will find some but for now I'm off to find another project I can hurry up and finish. :-)

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