Monday, February 7, 2011

A little kitchen redo

I have been wanting to have that old feel to our kitchen forever because our house is over 160 years old. Back in the day we redid the house to make it look more modern and now I regret it. I wish we would have put in replacement windows and kept the look of our tall old windows but they will have to stay as is. Hubbie would not be happy if I even suggested redoing them after putting in new ones and then siding the house. So instead I have been trying to restore the inside to look like it may have originally. I wanted wainscoting but when you have a house as old and unlevel  as ours it would have been too much of a chore. Instead I used beadboard paintable wallpaper and love it. I got smart after putting the paper on 2 walls and painted the paper before putting it up because it was a pain in the you know what to paint around the kitchen cabinets. I ended up using a small craft brush on the first 2 walls and it took forever! I just used a sponge paint roller dipped in water to activate the paste then I only had to do a few touchups - so much easier than painting with a tiny brush. I did add some white glue to the seams because they kept wanting to roll back and when that dried I went back and  filled in all the seams with quick drying plaster because I wanted the seems to disappeared. Just sand it down after it dries and go back and retouch the paint. This was an easy project and so worth it!

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