Monday, February 7, 2011

A few new projects

I don't seem to get much accomplished these days other than making a mess and leaving tons of unfinished projects all over the place. I did however get a few things completed and I'm sure it was because they were fast and easy. I fell in love with the books on Pottery Barn but not the price. How simple and only cost me $1 total for the books and ribbon. Easy peasy -  go to your local thrift store and buy old books then just take an exacto knife and cut off the covers, tie the ribbon around them and whala! The Lincoln bottle was pretty much free too-just the cost of printing out the label on my laser printer. I found the liquor bottle in the recyclables at our dump so free-love that! Then I dipped the bottle in leftover blackened wax and had all the other supplies left over too. Love cheap projects but from now on I may have spend $'s and find someone to give the liquor too out of a bottle because they no longer recycle glass here. :-(  Finally the remote holder was an old recipe holder I found for .25 at a thrift store and just sprayed painted it black and added the label leftover from a bunch I bought on ebay last year. Enjoy!

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