Friday, December 24, 2010

More furniture repurposed for our bedroom project

I am so unorganized lately and I forgot to take pics of the before on most of these pieces. The desk and night stand had a maple stain and the dresser was a really neat beat up glazed yellow but it didn't fit the decor so I'm redoing it. You will be able to see the old color because I haven't completely finished it yet. I hope I don't regret that decision down the road because it was really neat just the way it was. I primed then painted all the pieces in an creamy white and then glazed them with a chocolate Valspar glaze which I love. I've been using it on everything lately. Then I just put on 3 coats of minwax fast drying varnish. This is just for a spare bedroom so I'm not too concerned about much wear. I also tore up all of the ugly deep pink carpet (from when our daughter was young and I was dumb enough to let her pick out the color) and laid a laminate floor. I haven't found the right bedding yet or curtain so just have a cheap comforter from Walmart and it's a lighter shade of brown than the walls but looks deep purple in every picture? I bought the pillows and pictures at Kohls then I repainted the walls in a chocolate and steel blue. I also painted the lamp shades the same blue on the wall but I keep forgetting to buy ribbon to add to the top so I will try to post when I get them totally finished. I just  LOVE IT!!! Now I want to redo every room upstairs but will have to wait until my body can handle any more work and I find some more money! LOL Enjoy

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