Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween wax projects

Oh I can't say it enough I am in love with wax!! Here are a few projects I'm working on for Fall.


  1. Oh these are all just amazing.I want one of each are having fun with wax.Is it hard to do?have a great weekend.blessings michelle

  2. It is so easy Michelle. I found a hot plate at Good Will and that's when I got brave enough to try it. You can either melt old candles or buy wax I prefer bees wax and add die to it. I love to use black and I order the die chips from ebay. Be sure to cover all of your work area with newspapers though because it can make a huge mess. Especially when you drop a big item into the wax. LOL Here's a link to a great tutorial. Love her site and she's 74! What an inspiration she is!

  3. Thanks so much Im gonna go check into that!all your stuff looks aamazing!have a great night.blessings michelle