Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Need to contact my old friends Michael and Suzi on this one!

They are the wax King and Queen. LOL I found a bunch of candlestick lamps at a thrift store and one of them happened to be black. I'm in love with blackened wax so thought this should be easy to dip in wax and rub in spices. Well not so easy. I ended up using an old brush and dripping it on due to the cord and fixture. I knew I couldn't put either in the wax. I love how it turned out but way too much work to do the other 10. They are white and will take several coats of wax to cover them and way more work than I want. Any tips on how to do this other than taking the whole thing apart or painting them black first?


  1. Hey there lady! I just stumbled across your post here. Looks like you've been having a lot of fun.

    I don't really have a tip for you on the wax, other than would take a lot and would be best to use a dipping vat. But, you could try spray painting them black first and then you wouldn't need to use as much wax.


  2. Thanks Suzi. I thought about that after I did the first one. I seem to always do things backwards. LOL